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"Family, Employment and Services. The Challenge of Reconciliation for Local Governance"
The Final Publication is the most important tool of dissemination developed in the Briefcase project aimed to foster awareness and disseminate project outcomes. It presents in a structured manner all data and results collected over the project.
Final Conference, Bologna 25 february PDF  | Print |  E-mail
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The city of Bologna hosted on 25-26 February 2008 the last meeting and the final conference of the Briefcase project funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna, Education and Policies of Differences department, with the involvement of five other European cities (Amaroussion, Chemnitz, Craiova, Dusseldorf and Plovdiv), a local association - Millenia, a network of European cities - Eurocities and a research institute - Verwey Jonker Institute. This Final Conference on "The role of schools and educational services for children and young people in local policies aimed at conciliation of work and home life and the promotion of gender equality in local development? was the second and last planned dissemination event. After the opening and welcome address by Milli Virgilio, Deputy Mayor for Education, Training and Policies of Differences of the Bologna Municipality, the speeches were focused on the presentation of the most meaningful data gathered in the analysis phase and good practises collected in all the cities involved and pilot actions implemented. Afterwards project partners were involved in a round table to discuss on some key issues linked to conciliation such as the awareness of public opinion and decision makers about the importance of conciliation between work and family life, the value of women's experience in programmes and local services, local experience of cooperation on this thematic between different stakeholders, innovative initiatives to promote conciliation, thoughts and evaluation of the Briefcase project experience. Last part of the evening was mainly dedicated to the local context analysis through two presentations of Anna Salfi, Emilia-Romagna CGIL responsible for Gender and Equal Opportunities Policies and Rita Ghedini, President of the Social Coperative Cadiai on the topic "Integrate conciliation in the development strategies" with a particular view on conciliation and wellness policies for workers, public-private partnerships and corporate social responsibility. The conference was attended by around 50 persons, representatives of local public entities, Universities, schools, daycare centres, social organisations and associations, trade unions, etc. The final publication will be available in Italian and English on the project website (www.briefcaseproject.eu) at the beginning of May. Download the programme
Scarica il programma (versione in italiano)
Research outcomes
Good practices and pilot action
Meeting and conference, Plovdid - 11/12 October 2007 PDF  | Print |  E-mail
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The city of Plovdiv hosted the last 11-12 October 2007 the fourth meeting and the first conference of the Briefcase project, aimed at promoting equal opportunities and better reconciliation of work and family life through schools and educational services. The project, funded under the European programme for Equal Opportunities is co-ordinated by the Education and Policies of Differences department of the Municipality of Bologna with the involvement of a local association, a Dutch research institute, a network of European cities and five other European cities (Amaroussion, Chemnitz, Craiova, Dusseldorf and Plovdiv).
Second meeting in Dusseldorf PDF  | Print |  E-mail
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The second meeting of the BRIEFCASE project took place in D?sseldorf (Germany) on 16/17 April. BRIEFCASE stands for Bringing Equality in Employment and Family through Care Services and is the new name of the project coordinated by the City of Bologna in the field of Work-Life Balance, mentioned in a previous Flash article as ?Gender Equality Project?. BRIEFCASE is co-funded by the European Commission under the Gender Equality Programme.
Bologna launches project on Gender Equality PDF  | Print |  E-mail
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The Gender Equality Project coordinated by the City of Bologna was officially launched on 1 December 2006 and is supported by the European Commission. This 15-month project promotes gender equality and reconciliation of work and family life, by looking in particular at schools and educational services for children and young people at the local level.


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