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After a meeting with experts and journalists, the following three practices were chosen as the best ?Briefcase? practices in the city of Plovdiv. In the coming months these practices will be further analysed and more extensively described. Practice 1: ?Baby Kitchens? In the baby kitchens every day fresh food is prepared for children aged from 9 months to 2 years. The kitchens were established in 1970-1975 in Plovdiv by the municipality . Children kitchens have been established in order to support parents in the upbringing of their children. The personnel is especially trained to cook food for small children. Everything is strictly con-trolled in relation to the quality and products and parents can be free of anxiety since their children eat healthy and qualitative good food. The time that parents save in preparing food can be devoted to other activities with their children. Children kitchens will increase numeri-cally in the future because parents do not have the necessary time and qualification at their disposal to prepare highly qualitative and nourishing and diversified food. This is a practice that significantly facilitates parents in the conciliation of their professional and personal life. Practice 2: ?Social assistants for parents with disabled children? This project wants to ensure families with a disabled child of the availability of a social assis-tant. This social assistant programme started in 2003 as an initiative of the government. It was continued by the Municipality of Plovdiv. Bringing up a disabled child requires a lot more time and effort, as well physically as psychologically. That was the reason that this pro-gramme was created. In foresaw in 14 social assistants for families who brought up a disabled children in their home. Financial support is given by the municipality. As a result parents can go to work and leave their home untroubled. Mentally they are calm because a social quali-fied worker looks after their child(ren), parents can change atmosphere and work, so they can facilitate the conciliation of family and professional life and at the same time the child is provided with a good upbringing. Also the children feel better with a person who is especially trained for their needs and problems. Practice 3: ?Study Room? This project wants to ensure a good educational and highly professional preparation at school. Children, whose parents are working, are under surveillance while studying. In 1980 on the territory of the Municipality of Plovdiv a system was created for the different primary schools (15 at first and after that 130) which provides teachers for children so they can work in groups outside of school hours. In that way they can prepare their homework and lessons for the next day. That system was well elaborated in the Municipality of Plovdiv and has a great success nowadays. Parents who are working and lack the time to help their children to pre-pare their lessons, file their application to the school director. Their children stay to be as-sisted out of class by a schoolteacher. The teacher helps children to prepare their lessons and homework for the next day and at the same time the children are under strict control when they are not at school. Children are well ? prepared, they are not exposed to the harmful ?street? influence and their parents are more untroubled while they are at work. The expenses are paid by the schools, which are municipal propriety.
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