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The city of Plovdiv hosted the last 11-12 October 2007 the fourth meeting and the first conference of the Briefcase project, aimed at promoting equal opportunities and better reconciliation of work and family life through schools and educational services. The project, funded under the European programme for Equal Opportunities is co-ordinated by the Education and Policies of Differences department of the Municipality of Bologna with the involvement of a local association, a Dutch research institute, a network of European cities and five other European cities (Amaroussion, Chemnitz, Craiova, Dusseldorf and Plovdiv). The Conference titled ?The Conciliation between work and Family. A strategy for the local development", organised in the framework of the project is the first of the two diffusion public events planned with the aim of disseminating information on activities developed during this first ten months of project life. Project partners, institutional representatives and local social actors (NGO, associations, educational services, etc.) operating in the city of Plovdiv and in Bulgaria took part in the Conference. After the opening of the Conference and welcome address of the city Mayor of Plovdiv, the speeches, after a brief introduction on contents and aims of the project, were focused on the presentation of the most meaningful data gathered in the phase of mapping out of formal and informal services already existent and of a first report on data coming out form the qualitative analysis of services carried out through the distribution of 150 questionnaires in each of the city involved. The second part was dedicated to the presentation of some of the 18 good practices selected by the five cities and two pilot actions to test innovative care services developed during this months in three partner cities. The conference ended with the presentation of a local good practice, the Center of Women's Studies and Policies (CWSP). A Non-Profit Legal Entity located in Sofia that works on women?s, gender and equal opportunities issues in Bulgaria and further develops new areas of expertise and activities. The Conference was attended by more than 100 persons from the politic and institutional world, civil servants working in the social sector and local associations. The second and last conference will be held together with the last project meeting planned for the end of February 2008. The event will be the occasion to present to the audience the project final publication gathering the analysis of data collected during these months, the presentation of the national conciliation policies in each of the state involved and, finally, examples and advices coming from good practices collected and selected and pilot projects implemented in the five partner cities.

Download here the programme
Presentation K Loykov
Conference Presentation CWSP Sofia
Girls and Boys Craiova A Iova
Good Practice session conference Swinnen
Company supported childcare Dusseldorf PvToorenburg
Good practices Chemitz S Ullrich
Municipal Kindergardes Amaroussin S Charalampidou
Nanny Bologna
Overview first results Maluccelli Bertagnoni
Project summary R Gentile
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