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"Family, Employment and Services. The Challenge of Reconciliation for Local Governance"
The Final Publication is the most important tool of dissemination developed in the Briefcase project aimed to foster awareness and disseminate project outcomes. It presents in a structured manner all data and results collected over the project. All the partners actively contributed to its drafting. The volume, containing the results of 15 months of work, is divided into three sections, one for each thematic area tackled by the research carried out during the project. In the first part, policy-makers from the project?s partner cities, experts from the local governments, and organisations from the non-profit service sector answer a number of questions that aim at clarifying how the Briefcase project can be applied to a broader governmental context. The resulting picture shows that, although all are aware of the scope of conciliation policies, the measures adopted vary significantly from one city to another, depending on whether conciliation is a novelty or an issue that the municipalities have been tackling for a long time. In the second part the correspondence between these policies and the needs and/or attitudes of the parents from the partner cities are analysed by means of a survey results of which are presented. The third part of this volume presents the ?good practices? selected by the partners among the initiatives adopted by the local governments with regard to conciliation, as well as three pilot actions implemented by three partner cities.

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