Feminism and Women’s Resources


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This site is a repertory of electronic resources on feminism, Women’s Studies and all women-related resources on the net.



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List of links by subject like Women’s organizations, index of women’s organizations in the Internet complete with brief description of sites;

Women’s Resources:
provides several feminist women’s links as conferences, health, gender issues, literature etc.; further interesting links are those in Other collections of Resources for Women, which provides links to all those sites where women’s electronic resources on any topic are available.

Furtherly, this site supplies interesting lists of links but not exclusively dedicated to women. A list of newsgroups is also available.

On a less serious note:
includes resources concerning women and music and a list of newsgroups on this topic, while Local Winnipeg Contacts, Pages and Information provides utility links for canadian women.

To submit a site for inclusion users must subscribe a form. and Afterwards, users may use three search engines: Yahoo!, Magellan, WWWomen complete with a list of links to further search engines and to other repertories in the web, even if they are not specific for women.

Rating: good.