The NONA Multimedia Women's Center

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This site is hosted by The Electronic Embassy, a project aiming to establish easier communication on the web among people who are living difficult or changing situations. NONA is the site of the Multimedia Women’s Center in Zagabria and is a place of conversation, creativity, and healing for women and children of Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina. Most of NONA’s members are survivors of the warand speak about their experiences through writings, paintings, and sculptures.



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The NONA Staff:
the names and the biographies of women forming the staff of NONA are listed here along with their experiences in war areas.
Our special programs and services:
includes links to several NONA’s services such as the library, evening literary events and dates of art exhibitions and archives.
Other women's groups with whom we collaborate:
description and lists of women’s groups and associations in Zagreb who work together with NONA.
The first Croatian Women's Calendar:
illustrates some passages and some images of the “Croatian Women’s Calendar” created by NONA.
How you can help:
includes useful information for users who wish to support the organization.
Our Homeland:
reproduces an interactive map of Croatia where users are suggested to access through the Internet (gopher, info, www). Furtherly it provides links to other places that are not marked on the mapand links to other interactive maps throughout Europe and worldwide.
Plans we have for the centre:
here users may find a list of NONA’s more recent events or upcoming ones, in english and croatian.
Poetry, Prose, Press:
is a list of links to poems by refugee women and children which have been read at NONA women’s centre in Zagreb. There is a section of prose and some articles taken form local newspapers and translated into english.

Evaluation: very interesting contents and easy searching. Rating: good.