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E-WIT is a transnational collaboration between the Netherlands, Italy and the UK as part of the ESF- Equal programme. The partnership aims to promote the position of women in ICT and Electronics.

The E-WIT project aims to:
  1. Transfer good practice with regard to mentoring programmes across Europe
  2. To promote and support women inventors and innovators in ICT & Electronics (or SET related sectors)
  3. To share experiences with regard to the development of women in SET portals
  4. Share women in SET role models across Europe
ICT Ster Project TechnÚDonne Equalitec Project

Some Good Praxtice Examples of Women-friendly Curricula in the ICT Field PDF Stampa Invia
Scritto da E-Wit Partnership, introduction by Annunziata Marinari   
giovedý 28 giugno 2007
One of the five areas of the project focusses on curricula.

The idea is to exchange good practices and to compare models regarding women-friendly European curricula in the field of ITEC, following the complete cycle of training and education in all countries involved.

The selected best practices cover the range of curricula which go from primary and secondary school programmes to University educational paths, with a specific focus on internships and the role of women academics.

The case studies presented can help women who want to move around Europe to have an idea of the situation of training in the ICT field offered in our countries, in respect to the gender-sensitive politics they implement.

Most of all, these good practice examples serve as an exchange of ideas among the E-WIT partnership, trying to give some useful hints and new suggestions to students, trainers and teachers in the ICT area.

Case study best practices UK
Case study best practices Bologna
Case study best practices Milano
Case study best practices Piemonte
Case study best practices Venezia
Mentoring. An Innovative Guidance Service PDF Stampa Invia
Scritto da E-WIT partnership   
giovedý 28 giugno 2007
Mentoring, intended as a guidance technique, represents an innovative methodology within the ambit of the various facilitation measures in support of women.

Actually, it is not a novelty in working environments and it has been already implemented in many public and private organizations in order to enhance professionalism of the youngest and least expert subjects by exploiting experience of people who have been working in the field for longer periods and with the task of transferring skills and knowledge acquired over time.

E-WIT Conference: A Two Day Event on Women and ICT in Bologna PDF Stampa Invia
Scritto da E-WIT Partnership   
giovedý 28 giugno 2007
On 26 and 27 May, in Bologna, took place the E-Wit final conference, an intense event which attracted more than 300 women and men sharing the same interest, passion and curiosity for the theme of gender and ICTs.

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Women in ITEC in the UK: The participation of women in ITEC careers PDF Stampa Invia
Scritto da E-WIT Partnership   
venerdý 25 maggio 2007
Statistics regarding differences in employment suggest gender imbalances in ITEC- related careers.
But it must be noted that all statistics regarding the IT industry should be treated with caution because the scope of the ITEC sector and of ITEC-related occupations varies in countries where different sector and occupational classification systems are used.

Women in ITEC in the UK
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