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WINE is a network of women's libraries, archives and information centres in Europe. Currently more than 50 organizations from several countries are members of WINE

Her purpose is to provide a common platform for European women's libraries in terms of education and research in gender, women's and feminist studies.
WINE already co-operates with ATHENA to strengthen the link between academic research and information/documentation.

Join Wine!

We hope your institution or organisation wants to join the WINE network!

Check also if your institution or organisation is listed in the Mapping The World database: it is an online database in which you can find information on women's information centres and libraries. It currently contains approximately 400 women's information centres from over 140 countries. The IIAV has kindly offered to help us.

Digital resources. WINE partners keep up-dated digital resources for European Equal Opportunities policies: thematic bibliographies and databases on Women's Studies and Gender Research, directories of organizations.

Blog - winenetworkeurope.wordpress.com

If  you are looking for the latest news, stories, reports, opinion, researches and analysis on gender from WINE Network’s members around the world click on WINE blog.

The online space for discussion and debate on gender researches and activities in our organization.
Find out more about the WINE Post, and don't hesitate to get in touch.

Why a blog?
To be presently up to date: each centre/organization would be able to upload interview, articles, news, activities, publication and much more! To share them as everybody would be able to learn from the others!

Mailing List

This is a discussion list to facilitate the activities of WINE-Women Information Network Europe for professionals in the field of Feminist Information and Documentation Centres

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