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Regional Meetings

The development of co-operative ties with Eastern and Southern European partners has been crucial in both WINE and ATHENA from the very beginning. Each major ATHENA meeting was therefore the occasion for an encounter with regional programmes in women's studies.

The effort to intensify these regional networks will be one of the main goals also in the next phase of the project and libraries and information centers will have a key-role in it.

In fact, WINE aims to setting up specific regional meetings that will take place in the time-slots in-between the larger international 'Know How' conferences. The idea is that of working towards an agenda that effectively would represent the interests and the priorities of the professionals in the field at an European level.
WINE partners would then be in a better position to participate and contribute to the global international events in its field.

Three WINE regional meetings have been planned in the framework of the
Athena Dissemination Year:

Other three main annual meetingshave been organised within ATHENA II (2003-2006):

During the three years of Athena III (2007-2009), Wine has organised three annual meetings:

  • The Utrecht Meeting (June, 2009)
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